3 Simple Ways to Extend Your Wifi Network

Published On October 19, 2016 | By Garri Neyes | Tech

If you have ever been sitting and watching your favorite show on Netflix or Skyping with a friend on your laptop and had your network suddenly crash out on you, you know the problem. It is more likely to happen when you are streaming and asking for a lot of bandwidth, but your wifi network can die on you at just about any time if you haven’t taken the right precautions. Because we all take our wifi home network for granted, we seldom stop to consider how we use it. Here are a few ways to get more out of that wifi network that won’t break the bank or require deep network skills.

Move Your Router

This sounds like a really simple solution, but sometimes the simplest ones are the best. The location of your router might be at the root of your wifi network problem. The reason for this is that most of us try to find a place for our router that is out of the way and not very obvious.

Face it, these little boxes are often ugly and we don’t like them to be visible. But hiding that router behind a piece of furniture can make it inefficient. Wifi signals are actually just radio waves and only travel in a straight line. So make sure that your router is in a location that is central to your home and its many devices that depend on it. Also, the higher up you place it the better.

In fact, if you can move it to your attic, that might be the best location of all. It is out of the way and can reach a wide range of devices from that location. Checking to be sure your signal isn’t blocked, it is set up high to reach out and your device isn’t blocked are all good first steps. But what if you do this and you still have a problem? This is where a good solution could be to use a wifi signal booster to push that signal out to your devices.


Wifi Signal Boosters Amplify the Signal

Because wifi signals only move in a straight line, sometimes you will need a signal booster at a strategic location to help amplify that signal. If you have a laptop or other device that depends on wifi in an out of the way corner of your home, they may not be getting all of the signal from your router. In fact, they may not get any signal at all at certain times, as the inside walls can interfere with a signal.

Multiple Boosters Ensure Signals

By placing several wifi boosters in different parts of the house, your booster can pick up the signal from the router and amplify it for nearby devices. This stronger signal stays more consistent whether you are streaming movies or listening for sounds on the baby monitor. As we depend more and more on our wireless devices to not only entertain us but also to keep us safe, it is a smart idea to add a booster in every key location to ensure that your router signal is loud and clear. By using a clear leader in booster technology such as Zyxel you can also be sure that the equipment is top notch and always working to keep you and your loved ones happy and safe.

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