DIY Green Solutions – Gravel Stabilizer Ideas

Published On July 19, 2016 | By Garri Neyes | Home

If you are the kind of person who loves to find ways to make your home and garden more beautiful without paying for someone to do it, we may have a few good ideas. Because, as we all know, our home is the biggest investment most of us will ever make it pays off the do the little things we all know about around the home to keep that investment safe and secure. It doesn’t hurt when we add in a few things to help make it worth more or at the least look better. I would say that adding in a walkway through a garden would be one way to create some inexpensive additions to the garden and do it all ourselves. So for those who love to roll up their sleeves and just do it, here are some great DIY garden or backyard ideas.

DIY Green Solutions

Gravel Driveways Need Gravel Stabilizer

We are becoming more aware these days that those ugly black paved driveways not only don’t look good, they are not good for our garden as a whole. Because they cannot drink in the water that falls on them, they don’t help with water conservation and might even actually make our homes be worth a bit less. This is why many homeowners are switching to gravel driveways to allow water to sink in and be added back into our local water table. But as we all know, gravel moves. This is why getting a local gravel stabilizer for the driveway is a must when planning that gravel driveway. You can purchase these grids yourself and simply set them up before adding in the gravel. It will make your driveway more attractive, the gravel last longer and the whole front yard will benefit from the fact your driveway is now part of the water shortage solution instead of part of the problem.

DIY Green Solutions

Setting Up that Gravel Walkway

For many of us the other solution to getting rid of all that hardscape is to take out walkways of cement and instead make them gravel walkways. This natural looking solution is not hard to do once the cement has been removed (no easy task!) and like a gravel driveway has the added attraction of helping any little bit of rain you have become part of the water table instead of simply running off the road an into the nearby drains. The big question many have is; what kind of gravel should I use? If you take a look at the many forums on DIY yard improvements on the web, you will see many discussions of why pea gravel is not a good option. While just about any other kind of gravel is fine, the combination of having a flow of people walking on pea gravel with the fact that it moves easily means you cannot keep it neat nor will it stay in place for long. So when choosing the gravel for that long awaited gravel pathway to your front door, avoid it if you can. You will be glad you did.

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