How E-Cigarettes Are Safer than Traditional Cigarettes

Published On September 16, 2016 | By Garri Neyes | Health

Companies and marketing teams around the world are defining e-cigarettes as the safe alternative to traditional cigarette smoking, but many still wonder if the inhalation of vapour can ever be marked as safe. The answer is yes – it is. In short, e-cigarettes use a vapour placebo to help users kick the nicotine habit and improve their health.

What Exactly Are E-Cigarettes?

Many often wonder what exactly e-cigarettes are and if they differ from vaping. The device itself is very different, but the purpose and inner workings of the devices are quite similar. E-cigarettes look like real cigarettes, but come in many different colours and offer a variety of flavours. Vaping devices are the same when it comes to colours and flavours, but they look more like a handheld machine with a cartridge than a traditional cigarette.

While e-cigarettes can legally contain nicotine, and some choose to, the ultimate goal of many is to kick the habit and remove nicotine from their lives completely. So far, 31% of a test group made it past six months without touching a real cigarette. When you think of how many people smoke cigarettes (roughly 40 million in the United States alone), 31% is quite a high number.

Are They Truly Safer Than Traditional Cigarettes?

Regular smoking causes inflammation of the lungs and the surrounding organs, including the esophagus. Long-term smokers are more at risk for various types of cancers that go far beyond just cancer of the lung. As for electronic cigarettes, some can contain nicotine, but that’s entirely a preference.

E-cigarettes contain propylene glycol as the primary ingredient, as well as vegetable glycerine. Both of these ingredients have FDA approval and serve as an ingredient in the common air disinfectant due to their curative properties. Depending on the electronic cigarette starter kit chosen, the user can also choose any type of flavour they wish, as this serves as one of the only artificial ingredients in the mixture.

Benefits of Vaping Over Traditional Smoking

Beyond repairing the health of your lungs, vaping shows many advantages including:

  • Better personal hygiene (cleaner teeth and breath, lack of finger stains, smell).
  • Reduction in diseases or health problems.
  • Saving thousands of dollars annually.

Since e-cigarettes feature a decreased nicotine amount and provide a custom flavour, they do not offend anyone that happens to be nearby. Those around you don’t have to suffer from a bad stench anymore, which is a big bonus for your friends and family. Smoking an electronic cigarette is actually legal in many places that have banned cigarette smoking, so you don’t have to worry about walking down three flights of stairs to have a puff when you choose to incorporate e-cigarettes into your life.

In Victoria, a person who smokes a pack a day can save upwards of $8,000 annually when they eliminate the use of traditional cigarettes – and the number will rise as the Government implements a tax increase of over 12.5% on tobacco products. Smoke smart and shop smart; you’ll be glad you did!

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