How Hydrodynamic Analysis Helps Industry

Published On July 19, 2016 | By Garri Neyes | Business

The emergence of using hydrodynamic analysis with computer models instead of physical models has helped the general discipline to grow. With the development of many new software programs there has been a wider application of the study of the motion of water into new areas. These can include automotive, the aerospace industry and even the entertainment world. Each of these different industries have found new and creative ways to use this amazing modern science to inform their work and decisions. The oil and gas industry is a good example of this.

Off-Shore Oil Uses Hydrodynamic Analysis

It is becoming obvious that our stock of easily attainable oil is becoming depleted. As a result, off-shore oil drilling is becoming a more and more common plan in the industry. But drilling for oil on the constantly shifting surface of an ocean has a host of problems that drilling on land doesn’t have to account for, particularly when it comes to the dynamics of ocean currents. This is when our new ability to create an analysis of the many natural forces that affect the stability and safety of off shore rigs comes into play. From improving platform designs to making the moorings more secure, the use of the analysis derived from hydrodynamic studies can make this industry safer and more productive.

Hydrodynamic Analysis Helps Industry

The Analysis of Hull Structures

Another area where this type of new computer modelling has been so efficient is in the aerospace and marine applications for hull structures. When designing a ship or even looking into the future to spaceships, the integrity of the ship structure is of first importance. These new computer models based on real time information about wave currents and mass dynamics can help many designers make smart decisions about the future of ship design. With this analysis, critical areas of the ship can be addressed to understand their impact on the design of the ship as a whole. In addition, the crucial on-going maintenance of a ship can be greatly aided with this type of real time information on stress and how design reacts to it.

Planning for Waterfront Entertainment

One area that has just recently emerged is the use of hydrodynamic analysis when constructing waterfront entertainment centers. As more of the population find themselves with leisure time and the middle class asks for greater realism in their entertainment, water parks and marinas for small pleasure crafts are springing up around the world. But planning for the impact of the ebb and flow of nearby water must be part of the initial concept.

What this means is that real life and real time investment in the movement of water and how it will effect the final project is crucial to its success. Whether the end result is to be a major amusement park that incorporates an underwater station, a key waterfront marine park that also has a marina as part of its offerings or simply the restoration of a natural waterfront attraction, the analysis of the impact of the water systems will need to be part of the planning process for it to move beyond the basic presentation stage.

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