How to Run a Seasonal Business

Published On October 13, 2015 | By Garri Neyes | Business

Running a business is a difficult and time-consuming activity. It can be very stressful as well as expensive. You carry a lot of risk running a small business. That means you won’t have as much time for yourself or for other parts of your life. However, it also means you might not have as much time for running your business. When things start getting busy, you might have a hard time doing something as simple as answering the phone. To keep your stress level low, you might want to look into starting and running a seasonal business. These businesses are those that have busy seasons and slower seasons. That means you’ll have to deal with a very slow season followed by a very busy season. So, you’ll be able to focus the amount of incredibly busy work you have to do to a certain part of the year and not have to stress all year round. These businesses are things like freight and shipping or, to a lesser extent, construction. Shipping companies obviously experience swells of business around gift-giving holidays.

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However, there are some considerations when it comes to running a seasonal business.


Usually, you simply hire as many staff members as you need to get the job done while also coming in under your budget. That’s simple. However, at a seasonal business, you’ll be dealing with different flows of customers. So, you might need six or seven employees during the summer but only one or two during the winter. What do you do when that’s the case? You can usually find well-trained temps for certain businesses; however, that’s not always true. When it comes to answering the phone, you have probably learned that it’s harder than many people think.

That’s why you should hire a call answering service. These services are organisations that answer your phone for you on behalf of your business. You can set them up for just a few hours while you’re going to a meeting or for a few months while the amount of business is more than you can handle.

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Potential Problems

You can run into some problems with temporary staff that an overflow phone call service can solve. You want to keep your prices as low as possible while also getting short-term labour. The problem is that many people think of short-term labour as the purview of the unskilled and uninterested. That means you will probably run into many potential employees who do not want to work very hard or very efficiently. However, a phone answering service isn’t short-term labour. They are full-time employees of a well-regarded company that happens to take short-term or long-term contracts. They do this so you can avoid the problems associated with temporary labourers.

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A seasonal business is one that only exists during one or two seasons of the year. If it does exist year round, then it is busiest during certain seasons. When you need to staff your seasonal business, you will have to hire temporary workers to staff your business. You can run into some problems with these workers, but there are ways around it.

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