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In the market for water storage tanks?  The folks at golf coast tanks (GCT) may be of assistance. Specializing in storage construction, whether it is potable water, fire protection, or even oil and gas storage. Consisting of over 75 years of bolt tank experience, you would be hard pressed to find a job they couldn’t handle, when it comes to storage tanks and installation. With a knowledgeable sales team working to ensure customer satisfaction, you can be confident in the serves and product will exceed your expectation, while costing less than traditional storage containers.

Designed for your needs in mind

GCT knows that just because you’re in the market for a water storage tanks, doesn’t mean your need will be the same as any other client. All water storage tanks are manufactured and constructed with your needs in mind. Designed in house, then constructed in a factory-controlled environment, by experienced storage tank engineers. State of the art operations delivers the best epoxy steel tanks available in today’s market. All GCT water tank systems are constructed utilizing professional engineers with years of experience in a variety of specific industry standards and applications, including specification AWWA D103-09 & AWWA D103-97.


 Materials used in construction

Using only the most current coated materials, this promises maximum corrosion resistance, with a longer duration in the tanks life span. Their coating systems does meets all FDA and USDA guidelines and requirements, as well as conforms to NSF standard 61 for potable water. With that here are some of the specifications of the steel they use for their water storage tanks.


  • Steel sheets conform to, or shall be at least equal, to hot-rolled quality per ASTM A1011 Grade 33 with a minimum yield strength of 33,000 psi.
  • Steel plates conform to, or at least be equal, to the requirements of ASTM A36 with a minimum yield strength of 36,000 psi.
  • Rolled structural shapes shall conform to ASTM A36.


  • Galvanized bolts, nuts, and washers used in tank joints meet the minimum requirements of API 12B and Appendix A.
  • Poly-capped bolt heads are used for additional corrosion protection.

Speed and efficiency

If you choose GCT to fulfill your water storage needs. One thing that important to know is the speed and efficiency at which they operate. A water storage tank made by GCT can be manufactured, constructed, and put up for operation almost three times faster than its wielded or concrete counterparts. While costing the client a fraction of the cost and maintaining a quality product.

Other water storage needs

As I mentioned earlier, GCT offers much more than just potable water storage tanks. GCT also has models dedicated for industrial wastewater as well, with its cutting edge coating polymer, handling the most aggressive fluids out there to boot.

So, when it comes to any and all needs regarding water storage units, you now know GCT is ready and equipped to handle all water storage needs to suit each customer’s specific requirements. And with its dedication to their clients, you will be in safe hands.

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