Top Reasons why Heat Pumps will Replace Air Conditioners

Published On July 3, 2015 | By Garri Neyes | Home

Undoubtedly, the most important factor affecting any house is its heating and cooling systems. Both of them have become imperative in today’s changing climate. This makes heat pump an ideal choice over air conditioners. Though heat pumps are like air conditioners but they differ from them in one very important aspect. While they cool the house during hot days, they are also capable of heating the house by reversing its operation during cold days. Because of this dual functionality, it is being vastly selected over air conditioners. Let’s looks into some of the advantages and the limitations –


  • Air conditioners can only be used during the summer months but heat pumps can be used all the year around and helps in maintaining uniform temperature in the house.
  • Though heat pumps especially duct pumps have initial cost higher than an air conditioner but their great energy and money saving technology makes them cheaper in the long run.
  • Heat Pumps are much easier and faster to install than air conditioners. They also attract a lesser installation fee.
  • Heat pumps offer a very economical source of heating as well as cooling. Its heating cost is much less as compared to cost of electricity, propane or oil used for heating purposes.

Air conditioners

  • Heat Pumps often gets rebate from Local Utilities Company like Washington Utility Company for its real energy savings feature. This is not available for air conditioners.
  • Compared to other heating and cooling units, it causes less air pollution and no concerns about carbon monoxide poisoning or fuel escape of gas, propane, oil etc in the home environment.
  • Heat pumps have easier maintenance steps than an air conditioner. If properly maintained, they last much longer than an Air conditioner making it an ideal choice.


  • Compared to an air conditioner, Heat pumps require additional heat as it does both cooling and heating. Because of this, it gets limited by the smaller of the two needs-the cooling one. Sometimes during the coldest days, its heating capacity may not be sufficient. Extremely cold temperature may also lower its heating capacity. This may require one to shut off the unit and look for additional heating source.
  • Because of single purpose, air conditioners are relatively cheaper to buy and give you a cooler comfortable house in summer with less cost. Additionally if one already has an energy efficient heating device, then perhaps the heat pumps would not give a very effective return on investment.

Compared to an air conditioner

Comparing and considering all aspects, it is safe to conclude that modern ductless heat pumps are an ideal choice to get super-efficient heating or cooling for the House. Heat pumps efficiency is measured by the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating which is actually the cooling output of any unit during a typical cooling-season divided by the total electric energy input during the same period. Higher SEER ratings mean a more efficient unit. Today the market has an influx of ductless heat pumps with high SEER ratings, which effectively diminish its disadvantages. They also provide you with heating or cooling different areas of the house according to choice. No doubt, heat pumps are poised to take over air conditioners as any consumer’s first choice.

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