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Published On October 19, 2016 | By Garri Neyes | Tech

It may seem a little bit counter-intuitive, the idea of making people wait in line to get to your online storefront, or to keep people from getting to your products. However, if you’re dealing with lots of overflow traffic on your site and it’s causing issues for your IT team and causing site downtime, you should look into online queue management software to help mitigate lost customers and revenue. By providing your customers with direct and dynamic communication on queue times and positions, you can improve customer retention and their overall customer experience.

If you want to try out some software without having to commit your wallet, you can download a free trial from the wonderful folks at Queue-it. Their GO Queue-it Platform is bristling with features and customization, so tailoring the waiting experience to your business needs is a breeze! Here are some of the features that make their software some of the most versatile queue management software in the industry.

Dynamic Communication

If there’s a special situation, such as site maintenance, holiday volume, or technical issues, you can hand tailor messages that go to customers while they’re waiting in the queue. Better communication with customers as they wait is a key technique for ensuring that they are more likely to remain in the queue and complete their purchase. You can also send out messages explaining sales, events, and purchasing instructions to help users navigate through the online storefront more easily, further reducing queue time when needed.

IP Address Bypass

If your site is experiencing heavy traffic volume, the last thing that you want to do is lock your employees out of the site as well. The GO Queue-it program can be programmed to allow the IP addresses of corporate or company computers to ensure that your support team can remain active in the system to assist customers and fix technical issues.

Custom Queue Pages

Just because they’re waiting doesn’t mean that customers are out of reach. The queue pages can be fully customized with logos, messages, promotions, videos, and more. You can also tailor the amount of dynamic queue information they have access to. The custom page can also be translated into a number of different languages, allowing your company to remain a global competitor in multiple markets.


User Management

You can view and manage all of the user accounts for the queue platform. Creating logins for your employees also allows you to set specific accessibility for differing roles throughout your company. It also monitors for users that have accessed your website before and assigns each of them a unique queue ID, which helps with queue management and data, as well as ensuring that no one can ‘cut’ to the front of the queue.


The software also supports email notifications for customers that want to browse other websites while they wait for yours to be ready. All that a user has to do is enter their email address and Queue-it will let them know when they are at the front of the line and ready to start using your site.

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